Elkhorn Bourbon - Cask Strength, 118.2 Proof

Olde Towne Distillery

Our Elkhorn Bourbon but it in Cask Strength this batch is 118.2 proof. The higher proof saves the flavor that is lost in cutting it down to 90 proof. 14.1 percent more alcohol and 28.2 percent more flavor!

Best served chilled, but still excellent at room temperature so enjoy how ever you like it.

After 6 Cherry Wood Rum, 90 Proof

Olde Towne Distillery Chicos


We took the finest sugar cane molasses and slow fermented it to make a beer that smelled good enough to drink and than distilled it slow and cool in a hand hammered copper still using all copper tubing and condenser just like the old timers of Jamaica did in years gone by.

The clear Rum is then aged in Cherry Wood Chips that have been toasted at different temperatures to bring out the different caramel and vanilla flavors and gives it the red color.

Chaplin Hills Watermelon Shine

Olde Towne Distillery Chicos

Available in 375 ml and 50 ml glass Handle Jugs at 80 Proof

Fine moonshine flavored to match the taste of Jolly Rancher Candies.
Good enough to drink straight by it self, but you can sip longer if you mix it with something else such as lemonade.

After 6 Vodka, 80 Proof

Olde Towne Distillery Chicos


Our Vodka is distilled 6 times and than charcoal filtered thru our Duel Element filter system 6 times.

We could not get it to the taste and smell of water but we were close. Smooth drinking without the biter taste on the finish.

Olde Towne Exclusive - Hemp Moonshine

Olde Towne Distillery Chicos

Olde Towne Distillery is the first distillery in the United States to produce Hemp Moonshine. We use live Hemp seed that is grown in Kentucky to distill our Hemp Moonshine. What this means is our product is not infused with Hemp flavor. Instead, the moonshine is processed from beginning to end with Hemp seed grain. Hemp offers a unique flavor profile, which creates a smooth nutty favor never before experienced in moonshine. This is a new and exciting time for moonshine lovers everywhere.

Chaplin Hills Moonshines

Olde Towne Distillery Watermelon Moonshines

Olde Towne Distillery Flavored Moonshines

Olde Towne Distillery produces flavored Moonshines at 80 proof, creating a flavorful taste combined with the "kick" expected by the dedicated moonshine drinker.
Presented in the time honored tradition of the illegal Moonshines, a collectible stone jug. Perfect for gifts and great bar display pieces.

Our approach to the production of "White Lightning", is one handed down by generations. Just like the old timers, a decades old recipe, combined with slow cooking on a copper pot still, brings the moonshine lover back to the days of the illegal shine bought from the bootlegger.
Just enough proof to make you wince, smooth enough to make you want more!

Available in:

  • Traditional
  • Maple
  • Watermelon
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Hemp
  • Peach
  • Apple Pie

Elkhorn Bourbon

Olde Towne Distillery Watermelon Moonshines

Available in 750 ml and 50 ml glass bottles both at 90 proof.

Made from a Formulated Mash bill to bring out the flavors of the Malt and the Small Grains not just the Corn.
Distilled using the old practices to make a smooth spirit before going into the new charred oak barrels.
The regular Bourbon is smooth with no harsh flavor bite
The Honey Bourbon has just enough Honey to give it good flavor but not too sweet.

Carries the good traditions of Kentucky like the creek it is named after.

The Generals Collection

Olde Towne Distillery Watermelon Moonshines

Available in 750 ml and 375 ml glass bottles and Bottled at 90 proof.
Made from a blend of 10 percent fine bourbon and 80 percent good white whiskey then re aged with charred oak staves to give it a smooth flavor with just a little bite on the finish. Reminds you of the old whiskeys of the past. If you like good drinking whiskey you will like this.

General Bragg and Major General Buell are the two generals that meet at the Battle of Perryville Kentucky.

Moonshiner Chico Spirit Whiskey

Olde Towne Distillery Chicos

This smooth blended whiskey features a smooth taste, as well as the potency that drinkers demand. This blended whiskey is 90 proof, and features a blend of 80% whiskey and 20% bourbon for a unique taste sure to please.